Why Frequently Reading To Your Child Accelerates Growth

Why Frequently Readig To Your Child Accelerates Growth And Provide Hidden Benefits
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Reading to your child increases mental strength, emotional stability and knowledge. Cultivating these success factors early in a child's life develops the necessary ingredients to make successful decisions and healthy choices.


  • Fostering the relationship
    Studies indicate that consistent reading times reinforce and strengthen the parent-child relationship. Sharing moments of imagination and learning result in a mutually beneficial experience that develops trust, insight, and understanding.
  • Desire to read themselves
    Children learn by example. Your act of reading communicates the importance for growth and instills the habit of voluntary reading, engagement, and concentration.
  • Build vocabulary
    Reading stories of interest to your child stimulates their mental capacity to remember and recall words, which in turn become part of their growing vocabulary.
  • Effective communication
    Language development and comprehension cultivates a greater sense of understanding and helps create habits of effective communication.
  • Self-confidence
    Problem-solving skills are improved as children explore new events and subjects through reading, which contribute, to their overall state of awareness and understanding.
  • Improves attention span and concentration
    Stories engage the interest, curiosity and imagination of a child's mind causing them to focus and devote their undivided attention.
  • Developing reading and writing skills
    The hidden benefits of listening to parents read are that children establish an understanding of grammatical patterns and sentence structure that contribute to their long-term reading and writing skills.