Early Childhood Lesson Guidelines

Have you ever asked yourself exactly what your child needs to know during their early years?

  • At what age should my child be introduced to reading?
  • My child is only scribbling instead of drawing, is that normal?
  • Other children already sing the alphabet, is my child behind?
  • What shapes and colors should my child be learning?
  • What is the normal progression for learning how to spell?
  • What age should I encourage my child to talk?

Educational curriculums can vary from state to state and even from one school to another. The following Early Childhood Lesson Guidelines are provided to assist you in teaching your children with a general sense of what they should be learning at his or her particular age.

It's important to consider that every child is unique and will learn at their own pace and individual style. It is recommended that as you teach them, you acknowledge their accomplishments and strengths while providing encouragement throughout the learning process. If your child has special needs or is delayed in a particular area, please consult with a qualified specialist for your particular need.

Early Childhood Lessons Guide

Learning the AlphabetThe Complete Guide

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