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Learning the Alphabet Level 2 - The Ultimate Phonics
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Product Description

A 367-page workbook that builds on the foundational precepts introduced in the Learning the Alphabet Level 1 - Letter Workbook Series. It is intended for students who have completed all 26 Learning the Alphabet Level 1 workbooks.

The goal of the Level 2 workbook exercises is to reinforce and practice the concepts learned in Level 1 along with, learning new skills that set the ultimate pre-reading foundation.

Major Skills and Concepts

  • Understand that each alphabet letter has a distinct shape and name.
  • Correctly identify each letter of the alphabet.
  • Recognize uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Demonstrate correct letter formation using the continuous stroke method to help prevent letter reversals.
  • Phonics - Learn the connected relationships between the letters and the spoken sounds.
  • Develop correct letter sound recognition.
  • Recognize the starting, middle and ending sounds of words.
  • Develop phonemic awareness - the ability to hear, identify and arrange phonemes (individual sounds).
  • Understand that letters are the building blocks of words.
  • Demonstrate correct handwriting techniques through tracing and letter writing exercises.
  • Develop observation, awareness and attention skill sets through interactive sound exercises.
  • Understand and recognize rhyming words.
  • Identify vowels and consonants to understand word formation.
  • Confidently write letters in alphabetical order.
  • Gain order and understanding of their emerging vocabulary.
  • Increase their desire for learning and accelerated academic progress.

What is Included

  • A 367-page workbook specifically designed to reinforce and practice the concepts learned in the Learning the Alphabet Level 1 along with, learning new skills that set the ultimate pre-reading foundation.
  • A clear teacher's manual that guides you on how to teach each skill and concept.
  • Easy to understand instructions for worksheets and suggestions for implementing the program activities.
  • Answer keys for applicable worksheets.
  • Modern, eye-catching graphics designed for an elementary student.
  • Fun and practical activities including puzzles, mazes, and games.
  • Bonus Materials: Large Lines Handwriting Paper, Alphabet Letter Mat, and Achievement Award.

Section Topics

  • Letter Recognition
  • Alphabet Letter Sequence
  • Beginning Letter Sounds
  • Ending Consonant Sounds
  • Vowels and Consonants
  • Middle Vowel Sounds
  • Rhyming Words

Can I see a sample of the program lessons?

Yes, download a sample from the Learning the Alphabet Level 2 workbook - click the links below:


To view a preview of the workbook, click the links below:

Bonus Materials

Download the entire workbook RIGHT NOW, and you'll also receive these additional special BONUS offers:

  • FREE updates for 3-Months 12-Months!
  • Large Lines Handwriting Paper: Printable writing paper with large lines, perfect for beginner writers.
  • Achievement Award: A "Program Completion" certificate to reward your student's achievement.
  • Alphabet Letter Mat: A through Z uppercase and lowercase letter mat. A digital download that you will need to laminate to create your mat.

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By Chanisa
on Feb 17, 2017

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