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Learning Basic Shapes Workbook
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The Learning Basic Shapes Workbook is the perfect tool for learning to identify, describe and draw circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, diamonds, stars and heart shapes.

Ideal for introducing your students to the beginning math concepts of shapes, this 106-page workbook is multipurpose with a variety of activities including tracing, coloring, matching, sorting, counting and drawing.

Available in black-and-white or in color.

Recommended for children in preschool and kindergarten.

Major Skills and Concepts

  • Correctly identify each of the eight basic shapes: circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, diamonds, stars and heart.
  • Recognize shapes in real-world objects.
  • Understand that shapes may have attributes including lenght, sides, and/or corners.
  • Correctly identify the characteristics of each shape.
  • Develop observation, awareness and attention skill sets through interactive exercises.
  • Practice tracing, coloring, matching, sorting, counting and drawing.

Can I see a sample of the program lessons?

Yes, you can download the following activities from the Learning Basic Shapes Workbook:

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By Salma
on Oct 16, 2022

By Jennifer
on Dec 27, 2021

By Cassidy
on Nov 02, 2020

By Sara
on Oct 26, 2020

By Nara
on Apr 01, 2020

By Katia
on Mar 03, 2020
It is a beautiful book. It has different activities like matching, tracing, cutting and more to learn shapes.
By claudia
on Dec 09, 2018
I love this!
By Titilola
on Nov 25, 2018
Excellent all the way
By Margie
on Oct 12, 2018

By Pearl
on Aug 02, 2018

By Ceyonne
on May 01, 2018

By Nguyen
on Apr 01, 2018
By Ella
on Feb 09, 2018

By Kalia
on Nov 12, 2017
Great tooll
By Kimberly
on Oct 05, 2017

By Meredith
on Jul 09, 2017
This is a wonderful tool to teach children the basic shapes!
By sharon
on Jun 21, 2017

By Julani
on May 17, 2017
Colourful, interesting and engaging for even the busiest little ones. Easy to use and well presented.
By karla
on Feb 21, 2017

By Joy
on Oct 31, 2016


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