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Kindergarten Math Workbook Part 1
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The Kindergarten Math Workbook Part 1 focuses on introducing students to large numbers using place value, addition and skip counting. Activities also include two-dimensional shapes and ordinal numbers.

This easy-to-use workbook features vivid and captivating illustrations to guide students step-by-step through a variety of engaging activities to set a strong foundation in mathematics.

The Kindergarten Math Workbook Part 1 is part of the MTS Math Program and it's available in the Complete Kindergarten Math Curriculum.

Major Skills and Concepts

  • Recognize numbers 0 to 100.
  • Understand and identify number sequencing (before, between and after) up to 100.
  • Recognize ordinal position and numbers.
  • Count by 1s to 100 while understanding the relationship a number has with one another (e.g., the number "50" is greater than "20" and less than "100").
  • Identify basic shapes including squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles.
  • Demonstrate correct number formation using the continuous stroke method.
  • Gain a strong foundation for place value by working with tens and ones.
  • Understand math symbols (e.g., plus sign and equal sign) along with math expressions (e.g., 1 + 2 ).
  • Develop the conceptual understanding of addition - creating new numbers.
  • Learn to add numbers within 10 using pictures, a number line, and other visual counters.
  • Develop an attention to detail, precision, and accuracy through number sense activities.
  • Learn to count by 2s and 10s.

Can I see a sample of the program lessons?

Yes, of course! Download free sample lessons from the Kindergarten Math Workbook Part 1.

 Learn more about the MTS Math Program


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