Make a City using Recycled Milk Cartons

Milk Carton Kids Art Project Ideas
Build a City with Roads using Recycled Milk Cartons and a cardboard

Create a city with roads and buildings using recycled milk cartons. Boys will love pushing their little cars around the city after they enjoyed this art project activity.

Supplies you will need:

  • Cardboard (approx. 25"x20").
  • Scissors.
  • Paper glue (or stapler).
  • Crayons (or colored pencils).
  • 4 recycled milk cartons.
  • 2 different color papers (8"x11")
  • Different color markers
  • White paint
  • Paint brush.



  1. Cut one of the sides of each milk carton to create an opening (for the roof).
  2. Paint the cardboard and milk cartons with white paint.
    Painted recycled milk cartons
  3. Draw windows and doors in each milk carton using markers or paint.
    Child drawing windows in milk carton to make a building
    Milk cartons painted completed with windows and doors
  4. Cut out colored paper to make different roof shapes for each milk carton / building. Use a stapler or glue to attach the roof to each building.
    Make a roof for each buidling in the city
  5. Determine where each milk carton / building will be placed on the cardboard and mark it with a pencil their location.
    Figure out the location of each building in the city
  6. Draw city roads around the cardboard while making sure to leave room for the buildings
    Draw city roads
  7. Use crayons to color the city roads, grass and anything else you would like to see in your city.
    Color the city with crayons
  8. Play with cars around the city road making sure to go around the buildings.
    Your city art craft is complete. Now drive around!