Make a Rocket using Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Roll Kids Art Project Ideas
Build a Rocket Using a Toilet Paper Roll

Make a rocket with a toilet paper roll and colored paper. This rocket may not get launched into outer space but this art project will sure be a hit with the kids.

Supplies you will need:

  • 3 sheets of paper (orange, white and yellow).
  • Scissors.
  • Paper glue (or stapler).
  • Toilet paper roll.
  • Yellow tissue paper.



  1. Cut the white paper using the length of the toilet paper roll to wrap it around it.
  2. Wrap toilet paper roll with white paper
  3. Cut out a 2" radius circle from the orange paper and wrap it around to make a cone.
  4. Making a paper cone to place it on top of the rocket
  5. Glue the cone on top of the toilet paper roll
  6. Toilet paper roll wrapped with white paper and orange paper cone
  7. Cut out three small circles from the yellow paper to make the windows of the rocket.
    Yellow paper circles to make rocket windows
  8. Cut out two small triangles to make the base for the rocket.
    Two small yellow triangles used for the base of the rocket
  9. Make two small cuts (1" long) at the bottom of the toilet paper and insert the triangles.
    Assembling the toilet paper roll rocket
  10. Glue the yellow circles on the toilet paper roll.
    Make the windows for the toilet paper roll rocket
  11. Add the yellow tissue paper at the bottom.
    Make the fire for the rocket using tissue paper