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Learning the Alphabet Level 1 - Single Letter Workbook
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Product Description

The Learning the Alphabet - Single Letter Workbook is part of the Learning the Alphabet Level 1 program, a complete collection of 26 workbooks designed to help teach each letter of the alphabet.

Note: If you have already downloaded the complete collection of 26 workbooks, the Single Letter Workbooks are included.

Each workbook contains a variety of phonics-based games, activities, and worksheets to aid in the process of teaching and learning the alphabet.

Major Skills and Concepts

  • Understand that each alphabet letter has a distinct shape and name.
  • Correctly identify each letter of the alphabet.
  • Recognize uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Demonstrate correct letter formation using the continuous stroke method to help prevent letter reversals.
  • Phonics - Learn the connected relationships between the letters and the spoken sounds.
  • Develop correct letter sound recognition.
  • Recognize the starting sounds of words.
  • Develop phonemic awareness - the ability to hear, identify and arrange phonemes (individual sounds).
  • Understand that letters are the building blocks of words.
  • Demonstrate correct handwriting techniques through tracing and letter writing exercises.
  • Develop observation, awareness and attention skill sets through interactive sound exercises.
  • Gain order and understanding of their emerging vocabulary.
  • Increase their desire for learning and accelerated academic progress.

What is Included

  • A single letter workbook specifically designed to help teach the featured letter - starting from the most basic concept of the letter shape to the introduction of the most common sound.
  • A clear teacher's manual that guides you on how to teach each skill and concept.
  • Easy to understand instructions for worksheets and suggestions for implementing the program activities.
  • Answer keys for applicable worksheets.
  • Modern, eye-catching graphics designed for an elementary student.
  • Fun and practical activities including puzzles, mazes, and crafts.
  • Extra activities for students who are ready for more extensive handwriting work.

Can I see a sample of the program lessons?

Yes, of course! Download the complete Learning the Alphabet Letter B Workbook as a FREE gift!

Jump in and see for yourself by downloading the Letter B workbook in full detail or get started with the 3-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee complete program at no risk.

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on Mar 02, 2022

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on Apr 12, 2020
By Michelle
on Sep 23, 2019

By Maggie
on Feb 25, 2019

By N
on Dec 03, 2018

By Madison
on Nov 28, 2018

By Hellen
on Sep 22, 2018
the activities cover a lot of the basic concepts like letter- recognition, sounds, writing
By Danusia
on Feb 09, 2018

By Rhonda
on Apr 21, 2017

By Ceyonne
on Mar 24, 2017

By Cathie
on Mar 11, 2017
I've been looking for ways to immerse my students in the alphabet. Thank you - this is perfect!
By Cheryl
on Dec 13, 2016
A great resource!

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