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Alphabet Letter Formation Cards
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The Alphabet Letter Formation Cards trains your child to build handwriting confidence by teaching the correct letter formation guidelines from the very beginning.

The cards feature the MTS Clear Manuscript Font with guided lines and directional arrows that apply the continuous stroke method. For more information about helping your child develop handwriting skills, please see The Dangerous Truth About Continuous Stroke Versus Ball-and-Stick Handwriting Methods.

The Alphabet Letter Formation Cards are perfect for:

  • Matching game - letter identification and letter case (print two sets for these activities).
  • Memory flip card game.
  • Pocket charts.
  • Go Fish card game.
  • Tracing cards for letter writing practice.
  • Wall posters.

The set includes the uppercase and lowercase for each letter.

Available in black-and-white or in color.

Before purchasing this single teaching resource, please note the Alphabet Letter Formation Cards are part of the Learning the Alphabet Level 1 program, a complete collection of 26 workbooks designed to help teach each letter of the alphabet.

If you have already downloaded the complete collection of 26 workbooks, this activity is already included.

Can I download a sample of this lesson?

Yes! Download the Alphabet Letter B Formation Card Printable or download the complete Learning the Alphabet Letter B Workbook as a FREE gift!

The Learning the Alphabet Letter B Workbook includes the Alphabet Letter B Formation Card Printable as one of the activities.


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By Mirtila
on Aug 02, 2017

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