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Alphabet Letter Puzzle Activity Set
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Puzzle activities are a fun and engaging way to learn. The Alphabet Letter Puzzle Activity Set is a practical resource for educators who enjoy creating their teaching resources and games from scratch.

Each letter puzzle includes high-quality graphics (300 dpi) that represent the beginning sound for each featured letter, except for the letter X, which is taught by using the ending sound. Learn more about introducing the letter X sound.

This 31-page book consists of one puzzle for each letter. Students practice recognizing each letter of the alphabet and their beginning sounds, along with developing fine-motor skills.

Available in black-and-white or in color.

Printing on cardstock and lamination is recommended for durability.

Before purchasing this single teaching resource, please note the Alphabet Letter Puzzle Activity Set is part of the Learning the Alphabet Level 1 program, a complete collection of 26 workbooks designed to help teach each letter of the alphabet.

If you have already downloaded the complete collection of 26 workbooks, this activity is already included.

Can I download a sample of this lesson?

Yes! Download the Letter B Puzzle or download the complete Learning the Alphabet Letter B Workbook as a FREE gift!

The Learning the Alphabet Letter B Workbook includes the Letter B Puzzle as one of the activities.


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By Mary
on Feb 15, 2023

By Lillie
on Nov 21, 2022
I love color pictures. Students will be engaged while putting the letters and sounds together to make each letter.
By Sherry
on Aug 24, 2021

By Cyndi
on Apr 28, 2021
Love it !!
By sandy
on Nov 24, 2020

By Elizabeth
on Sep 17, 2020

By Lisa
on Feb 04, 2020
I love this resource! For years, I created my own alphabet puzzles using clip art so that I could start my library story times with a "focus letter" puzzle activity. As I am now trying to document these story times with YouTube videos, it is so nice to be able to highlight this resource so that others can take advantage of it and not have to create these from scratch!
By majed
on Sep 25, 2018

By Julija
on Jun 16, 2018

By Mandy
on May 17, 2018
Printed two copies, laminated them keeping one whole and cutting the other one, making them into velcro puzzles. My kiddos love them
By Mirtila
on Aug 02, 2017

By Brenda
on Jan 31, 2017
I love finding stuff that is easy for my children to do while they learn. Thank you one more time.
By Eileen
on Oct 17, 2016
great for letter formation and beginning letter sounded words

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