Encourage Your Child's Creativity with These 10 Most Popular Art Projects

10 Most Popular Art Project Ideas for Kindergarten and Preschoolers
Art Project Ideas for Toddlers that are Popular
Art projects help your child develop fine motor skills, coordination, and produce a creative outlet to express their imagination. Below is a list of simple, yet fun art projects you can create with them:


  • Build a City
    Create a city using milk cartoons and a cardboard. Your child will enjoy building the city and then moving cars and figurines around the structure while creating a storyline of adventure.
  • Make a Collage
    Demonstrate to your child how to use their thumb, index finger and middle fingers to tear out different pieces of paper to build a collage. Use paper with images of shapes, numbers, and letters.
  • Hand-print Painting
    Start with a controlled art environment, as this can be messy, yet memorable art project. Simply apply a thick layer of paint on the hand with a brush and press down firmly onto your canvas.
  • Build a Rocket with Toilet Paper Roll
    What child is not fascinated with rockets? Build this easy and simple rocket ship with a recycled toilet paper roll.
  • Number Tree
    Create a tree by tracing, cutting and gluing paper in the form of a tree. You can then write a number on each leaf for a counting game.
  • Octopus Toilet Paper Roll
    Cut out seven different lines 1/3 of the way up the toilet paper roll then curve the lines out to create octopus tentacles. Then paint and add life like features to characterize. Make sure to create a name!
  • Paper Plate Umbrella
    This makes for a great rainy day idea! Make an umbrella with a paper plate, ribbon and colored paper.
  • Caterpillar Egg Carton
    Make a simple caterpillar with a recycle egg carton, paint, and colored paper.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars
    Simple and fun binoculars with recycled toilet paper rolls. Your child will love looking through these. Make a set for yourself too and then act out a wildlife safari.
  • Shapes Face
    Teach shapes, scissor skills and body parts with this fun and simple art project by cutting out different shapes to make a face.